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This project involved a complete kitchen renovation. A exterior wall was moved outward to eliminate a exterior door access and a double glass door was installed. This provided additional light and space in the kitchen. A skylight was installed to further enhance natural light in the room. The final result is a spacious kitchen with all the modern amenities.

We have provided a few random photos of the kitchen transformation below:

After renovation the kitchen is an inviting place to work and socialize.

The original kitchen was dated and not very efficient.

The room was gutted and walls were prepped for new finishes.

This view shows the original rear entrance and window before renovation.

This is the view toward the window in the last image before renovation.

View from the inside after the window and wall were opened up to accommodate a sliding glass door. Note how the exterior wall has been moved out about 4 ft.

Outside view of where new slider will go - note entrance door is gone and wall is moved out to provide additional space.

This view shows the impact of the wall opening better.

Addition of a skylight enhances the natural light in the room.

View of the new kitchen workspace and cabinets.

Beautiful new cabinets in neutral tones enhance feeling of space in new kitchen.


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March 10, 2022